As we all know it’s quite unlikely your waist line gets any thinner the older you get. Unfortunately this is the problem with hair, age thins your hair. The older we get the more problems our bodies will have with absorbing the proteins we need from our everyday diet. Our hair needs amino acids, about 20 different of them. The amount of amino acids we get from our diet determines specific properties of protein molecules which are the foundation of our hair.  So our hair will appear thinners and appears less full thanks to the lack of amino acids.

We all know that elderly people get lighter colour hair. This is because it holds less pigment which is caused by the thinning hair. Another critical part is that our hair follicles, which engineer our hair, take a hit. Again, nutrition plays a big part here as follicles depend on nutrients obtained from the food. Additionally, the older we get the less our bodies absorb critical nutrients.

How to Avoid or Slow Down the Hair Loss?

As mentioned before proteins are vital. So you need to make sure you get enough of them into your body every day. Protein is essential in producing amino acids what will keep your hair healthy and also improve your general health. There are many different ways to get proteins into your daily diet. You can eat soy, grains, lean meat, dairy products, nuts, eggs or fish.

What are The Best Sources of Protein?

Fish is one of the best sources of protein. Fish proteins, known as Marine Polysaccharides, are known to be one of the best sources of protein what are needed in production of amino acids. This discovery was made by Norwegian scientists almost 10 years ago. They carried out a placebo-controlled, double blind study to prove the effectiveness of their hair restoration product called HarVokse.

How is HarVokse Different from Other Hair Growth Products?

As we know Norway has unlimited sources of fish and black gold, oil. Oil makes Norway one of the richest countries in the world and the amount of fish they have was also needed in order to create HarVokse. Scandinavians are very forward thinking people and they knew that creating “just another” hair growth product was pointless so they thought long and hard what can be done differently compared to most other hair growth products. Read more →