Promescent has been considered recently as one of the most effective solutions for male premature ejaculation, that’s even in the eyes of some leading urologists. It’s sale has skyrocketed in North America, and not only by men but also by women. Promescent has been featured recently even on as urologists say it has proven these bills have become successful treatment for this well-known medical condition as premature ejaculation is. As PE has been a major problem over the years and couples are trying to find out how to overcome premature ejaculation it seems there is finally a cure what will change people’s lifestyles and satisfaction. The duration of a sexual intercourse between men and women and the variation of time in length has been a major talking point lately and it has been even coveted in the mainstream media.

Latest studies show that on average it takes guys to reach the orgasm in around 7 minutes, as ladies will enjoy their moment on around 16 minutes. The time between guys coming and girls coming is called “arousal gap” And the same “arousal gap” has been on the spot light recently because of a TV episode on Dr. Oz’s channel – “50 Shades of Grey” which was on our TV screens in late April. Historically both male and female sex partners around the globe have been trying to find different ways, albeit ineffective so far, to try and synchronize timing during the intercourse. Interruption has been a key though on so many occasions when partners are trying to have a satisfying and fulfilling encounter. The fact that men are trying to keep the timing with ladies does reduce the sexual pleasure in majority of the occasions. Latest information from Promescent has shown that before the “50 Shades of Grey” aired just 1% of orders came from female audience, but after the episode in April it has risen to more than 35%, and still rising. “Many men are still uncomfortable ordering a product associated with an issue that many still view as unusual and embarrassing, “says Jeff Abraham, CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals. “That’s starting to change as the arousal gap discussion is moving from the bedroom to the living room.” Even though guys have been trying all those tricks of slowing down, changing positions or distracting himself mentally, they all have demising effect on the encounter.

Most guys can sufficiently satisfy their partners but there are still plenty of guys out there who are trying to find out how to overcome premature ejaculation, especially if Promescent is not available (currently it’s only available in the States). We have found a rather brave German guy Called Peter who is doing some tests on overcoming PE. You can click on this link to find out how he is doing and what is his experience with premature ejaculation.