Money continues to be very tight in America as the economy continues to struggle. Because of this, combined with the refusal by insurance companies to pay for elective cosmetic surgeries, many individuals who want or even need these procedures to improve their confidence or health cannot possibly afford them.

Strax Rejuvenation, a plastic surgery and wellness center in South Florida, is doing its’ best to make these services less costly. Combining the lower costs associated with a large practice with money raised through charities and community groups, the company is going to great lengths to make cosmetic surgery something that almost anyone can choose to do.

Another important reason that Strax Rejuvenation is able to provide services at lower rates than many other cosmetic surgery practices is that they are a group rather than private practitioner. The way this works is quite simple. In a private practice the single practitioner is responsible for every cost associated with running the business, so prices are high. At Strax, because the practice is so large, the “costs are spread out evenly” between everyone, according to an official there. This means that the surgeries, procedures and treatments are affordable to a wider group of deserving people, while the quality remains high. Their practice is also constantly growing as more private practitioners join them when they realize that they can’t match Strax Rejuvenation’s prices.

Another by-product of having a large practice is that Strax Rejuvenation is able to provide a larger than normal variety of procedures and treatments, such as rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentation, smart liposuction, tattoo removal, Lap Band® surgery, neck and face lifts, and more.

In a revolutionary move that is designed to make its procedure even more affordable and accessible to more people in the South Florida area, Strax Rejuvenation recently announced the Strax Gives Back charitable program. This program will provide people who cannot afford them no-cost procedures or treatments that they deserve or even need for health reasons. Using a social voting system, the first lucky Strax Gives Back reward winner will be announced on December 28, 2012.

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